Welcome to GLSEN Northeast Ohio's Volunteer Sign Up Page

Do you want to help make schools safer for all students regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity/expression? Are you friendly and outgoing? Do you enjoy working with others? Do you possess valuable organizational, fundraising, computer, or administrative skills?

Please become a volunteer for GLSEN Northeast Ohio. Many hands make light work!

How can you help?
(Volunteer time commitments range from 30-60 minutes/every 2 weeks to 1-2 hours/week and are flexible each quarter)
- Reach out and connect your community with GLSEN NEO and the resources of GLSEN.
- Assist with basic administrative duties (maintaining membership, GSA and other databases)
- Assist us with our GSA and education projects (Safe Space Workshops, Jump-Start Leadership Program)
- Help with outreach at LGBT events, rallies, and pride festivals
- Contribute to our planning of upcoming events at our monthly board meetings
- Help us with our fundraising efforts
- Offer other valuables skills you may possess (e.g., graphic design, event planning, etc.)

Please note that we require all volunteers over the age of 18 who would like to work with youth to go through a background check before you can begin volunteering. If you are under 18, you do not need a background check at all. Volunteers not in contact with youth at all would not need a background check; however, that would change if you applied to become a Board Member. And, if you ended up around youth for any reason, a background check approved adult would need to be present. Therefore, we strongly encourage all volunteers over the age of 18 to go through a background check.

We look forward to your partnership in making schools across Northeast Ohio safe for all students. Thank you for completing the application!

Thank You.